Stylish Wedding Table Arrangement

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In order for a wedding to be perfect some key elements should be kept in mind and respected. One of the most important things is the location of the wedding, then comes the food, the good company and not to forget about decorations. The decorations can do a lot in favor of a bad location, so they will need some extra time and attention. If you want to make the tables look more festive and fancy, an elegant center piece is a must have. Luckily, on websites like Pinterest there are lots and lots of great ideas that can inspire you and help you find the best center piece idea. From classical flower centered ideas, to more modern and handmade projects, you will be able to find something for every taste. The ideas with repurposed wine or other bottles are our favorite, as you only have go remove the labels, add some small decorations and place flowers in them. The result will be a beautiful, DIY centerpiece with personality. Make sure to check out all the ideas from the next link, in order to find the right one for your own wedding… 15 photos…

1.Wedding Wine Glasses

wedding wine glasses

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Stylish Wedding Table Arrangement

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