MiniBus Turned Into A Stylish Tiny Home

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Every adventurer dreams about having its own mini-van to travel around the world. Some imagine this place as a permanent home, some only want a party bus for a few years, before settling down. For those of you who are looking for a tiny house on wheels, this next MiniBus will turn out to be quite inspiring. It is a small van turned into a home and has all the features one might search for in a rental house. Plus itโ€™s on wheels, so you can pack your things and go on a vacation whenever you need a break from everyday life. The MiniBus has a beautiful and welcoming interior, decorated with pastel colors. Divided into a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping/living area, this tiny home is perfect for young couples that love to travel and discover new places. You can see more pictures about this amazing MiniBus turned into a home in the followingโ€ฆ






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MiniBus Turned Into A Stylish Tiny Home

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