How To Make A Pretty Headboard Bench

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Changing your old bed, doesn’t mean you have to throw it out once you buy a new one. At least not all its pieces! When it comes to the mattress it’s quite obvious how you can reuse it. But what about the other pieces of the bed, such as the headboard? Well, the headboard is not fire wood either, as you can make some changes and transform it into a bench. Just clean it, make small reparations if it’s damaged and then repaint the whole structure. This way you’ll get a brand new bench that you can use in your backyard or even in the house. The best part is the repainting of the headboard as you can get as creative as you feel with the colors and adapt it to the rest of your furniture and decorations. This next link contains a great headboard bench tutorial that you can easily make at home, so make sure you check it out.


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How To Make A Pretty Headboard Bench

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