How To Make a DIY Tandoor Oven With Flower Pots

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Those of you who are big fans of Indian food, keep your eyes open as this next project is dedicated to you. You can easily build your own Indian Tandoori outdoor oven in just a few steps, using terra cotta flower pots. Although Tandoori foods is known to be specific to the Indian cuisine it is also widespread in the Caucasus. What makes Tandoori special is the high temperatures reached inside the oven, which can be even more than 450 C. Inside the oven you will have to place wood or charcoal and the heat created inside will cook the meat in a specific way, creating tasty flavors. To make your own Tandoori oven, watch the video provided, purchase the supplies needed and follow the steps from the tutorial. It’s a very easy project and the foods you are going to make with this oven will taste heavenly.Β The video shows you how to build a Tandoori Oven in your garden in 10 minutes. Quick, simple, cheap to make, and looks great. Great DIY Project..






How To Make a DIY Tandoor Oven With Flower Pots

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