How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds

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If you like plants and want to keep some in your home, a date palm can be a great choice for indoors. Date palms can adapt to different weather conditions, so you can keep them indoors for a while and once the nice weather comes, you can simply move the palm outdoors. To get the palm seeds, you need to go to nearest supermarket and buy some dates for you to eat. When done, keep the seeds which you’ll have to soak for 2 days. Make sure you clear the seeds from any leftover fruit flesh and change the water once or twice while soaking them. As a next step, you will have to place vermiculite in a plastic bag, add some water and place the seeds inside. Keep the bag sealed, put it in a warm place and water it regularly to make sure the seeds will sprout. After these, you can plant the seeds (don’t forget to add compost) and water them. If everything works right and you followed the steps correctly, you should have a beautiful date palm growing in the flower pot.

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How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds

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