How To Build A PVC Watering Grid

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The square foot gardening practice is a good idea if you have a small garden and want to divide it into small sections, to grow different kinds of plants. If you’re relatively new in the field of square foot gardening, then this tutorial of a homemade PVC watering grid will come in handy. This grid will help you become faster and more efficient in watering your garden. Once you’ve created the grid out of PVC pipes, you will need to attach a hose and a timer and let it do its job.  Get more information about square foot gardening and a full guide on how to make a PVC watering grid on your own. Replicate the steps you see there and make your own system at home!


For this project was used 1/2″ PVC tubing, cuted into

18x 10-3/4″ lengths
6x 9-1/4″ lengths
2x 2-2/1″ lengths

9 pcs cross connectors


2 pcs 90° Elbows


1 pc PVC Reducer Male Adapter 3/4″ MNPT x 1/2” Slip


2 pcs Male Slip Adapter 1/2″ x 1/2″


2 pcs 1/2″ Threaded cap.


9 pcs Slip on PVC caps.


for each grid


The timer assembly parts are:
A double nozzle faucet timer.
2. short lengths of double female ended hoses.
1. Brass 2-Way Connector.
1. 3/4″ Double Male Brass Water Hose Coupling


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How To Build A PVC Watering Grid

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