DIY Solar Outdoor Shower

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During the hot months of summer, an outdoor shower is all you need to refresh your day. Even though this might seem like a luxury, a fad which not that many people should resort to, the DIY solar outdoor shower is a completely different (and better!) story. Apart for offering the most-wanted splash of water in those hot arid days, this version of a shower will offer hot water as well as lighting in a non-polluting manner. The solar panels will provide all of the above, without any further costs but the ones implied in the initial building process. So, make sure you have all of the following materials before you begin: Cedar Wood Boards and Plywood, Cement Foundation Blocks, Bricks, Water Tank, Fiberglass Batting, Solar Lighting, Reflective Insulation, UV Resistant Poly-type Clear Roofing, Steel Support for solar box, Shower Fixtures, Deck Screws, Door Hinges, Hooks, Water Piping. Follow the picture tutorial and begin building your very own solar shower.









DIY Solar Outdoor Shower

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