DIY Bleach Spray Shirt In Just 10 Minutes!

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When it comes to clothes there are a wide variety of options to choose from as cities are stacked with clothes stores. But this also means that the probability of meeting someone on the street with the same shirt/dress/pants as yours, is very high. If you want to be unique and stand out of the crowd, you should try and make your own clothes or at least some of them. You can start with a very cool bleach spray shirt like the one from this next tutorial. You will need: a T-shirt, a printed stencil, bleach and spray adhesive. Make sure you choose a plain shirt as your base and find a cute pattern for it, then make it a stencil. After that you can start transferring the stencil onto the shirt by applying bleach (don’t overdo it as it can create holes in the material). For additional tips and the entire tutorial, please visit the following link.




Make Your Own Bleach Spray Shirt In Just 10 Minutes! – Practically Functional

DIY Bleach Spray Shirt In Just 10 Minutes!

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