Copenhagen To Plant Communal Fruit Trees On City Streets

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copenhagen to plant communal fruit trees on city streets

Pedestrians in Copenhagen will soon be able to pluck healthy snacks directly from greenery around the city.
Copenhagen is known to be one of the greenest and innovative cities in the world and this new city project does not disappoint.
The city council has recently voted to plant public fruit trees around the city, in playgrounds and parks. Blackberry bushes and apple trees are just a few plants to be planted soon, as the Danish capital is trying to create an “interactive urban orchard”.

These newly created areas are meant to become new spaces for socializing and creating an even greater sense of community among the residents. Since many Copenhageners do not have a garden where they live, these communal spaces should be used for learning about nature and plants, but also for building deeper connections among the residents of each area.

Also, in Denmark foraging is a very common activity and citizens are encouraged to use the public resources that nature offers them. In many cases, this was only possible in rural areas, but now this will be extended to urban areas too, so people can reconnect with nature and its gifts.

Mikkel-Lau Mikkelsen is managing a program at Vild Mad, which encourages residents of Danish cities to be more ecologic and focus on foraging from a gastronomical aspect. So, it comes as no surprise, that Rene Redzepi, the chef of the famous Noma restaurant is also involved in the organization.

“Many Copenhageners don’t have their own gardens and therefore don’t have a chance to see the learning process, including for children, that nature is something you can use,” Astrid Aller, a city councillor with the Socialist People’s Party (SF), told Politiken.

Asked whether fruit-bearing trees in the city could be a target for misuse, Aller said taking fruit with the purpose of selling it would be “too inefficient”.

“I find it difficult to imagine anyone emptying the bushes in order to sell the fruit,” she said.

“And if a family plucks two berry bushes to make jam, that’s hardly going to make me see red,” she added.

Hopefully, this great initiative will be picked up by more and more cities around the world.

Copenhagen To Plant Communal Fruit Trees On City Streets

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