Banoffee Danger Pie Recipe

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This next mouthwatering recipe is called Banoffee Danger Pie, but you don’t have to be scared by it. The term “danger” from its name comes from the fact, that you’ll need cans of condensed milk to make the toffee cream. In order to achieve the best consistency and taste, you’ll have to boil the entire can in hot water. In case the cans are fully covered with water, there is no need to worry about anything as in the end you will get a very creamy and tasty toffee cream. After preparing the cream, the pis itself is very easy to make as you will use biscuit crumbles to make the pie crust and add fresh bananas to the cream. The list of ingredients and the instructions on how to make the Banoffee Danger Pie can be found on the next link. It is an easy recipe and everyone in your family is going to love it!

BrooklynLimestone – Banoffee “Danger” Pie

Banoffee Danger Pie Recipe

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