6 Instant Meals for Backpacking: Just Add Boiling Water

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If you are very busy at work and your job requires you to stay in the office until the evening, you probably donโ€™t have a lot of time to cook yourself a hot meal. Here is the best remedy for this situation as you can prepare some instant foods in time and just add boiling water whenever you wish for a hot meal. The important step to keep in mind is to add only dry ingredients to these instant meals, as this way you can store them for longer and consume them whenever you crave a soup or noodles. These instant meals are great to take at work and eat them at lunch or to pack when you go camping and want to taste some homemade flavors. Just heat some water and pour it over the dry mixture to prepare a tasty and instant meal. You can make several packages with your favorite ingredients, but make sure to check out the link below for some tasty ideas.


Recipe links. Here are links to each of the 6 complete printable recipes. Each is explained in more detail further down in this post.

  • view/print Cous Cous with Chicken & Vegetables Recipe
  • view/print Fiesta Rice with Corn & Chicken Recipe
  • view/print Creamy Alfredo Noodles with Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe
  • view/print Cous Cous with Apricots, Macadamia Nuts, & Chicken Recipe
  • view/print Curry Rice with Chicken & Cashews Recipe
  • view/print Thai Peanut Noodles with Chicken & Vegetables Recipe

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6 Instant Meals for Backpacking: Just Add Boiling Water

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