400 Sq. Ft. Costum Log Cabin on Wheels

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Gastineau Log Homes designed this beautiful oak log home on wheels that can be your next permanent residence. It’s a spacious 400 square feet construction, suitable for those who need to relocate frequently because of their job. This log home is part of the Log Cabins 2 Go collection, all of which have been built on trailers. The only tricky part is that due to its size (wider than 8’6″), they require a professional to be moved and you will need to hire a specialized company. But until then, you can enjoy the beautiful and cleverly divided interior, with a large living space, loft and kitchen. There’s only a welcoming upstairs bedroom and an outdoor porch, so this log cabin has everything you’d ever wish for. Take a look at the floor plan…


Log Cabins 2 Go (LC2GO) are a totally new concept using full log wall construction in a park model housing unit. **$44,900 base price






400 Sq. Ft. Costum Log Cabin on Wheels

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